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Welcome Brothers, Sisters and Retirees and Thank you for visiting my website. I am running for Vice President to Reform, Rebuild and Restore our local to work for you, the MEMBERSHIP!


Currently, members are not heard and not protected by ATU leadership. I will work with the ATU executive team to change this. Through positive guidance, personal responsibility, accountability, and experience, I will make sure MEMBERS are heard and protected from management. As Vice President, I will prioritize, plan and execute work plans to ensure ATU leadership will meet UNION objectives.


I will work with the President to rebuild ATU from the inside out. Through education, experience, and hard work, we will bring together ATU Leadership and the Executive Board to work in the MEMBERSHIP’S best interest, as well as in the interest of the ATU. We will always put MEMBERS first! Our leadership team will ensure ATU leaders will treat all MEMBERS with respect and compassion. MEMBERS will always be treated fairly, equally, and without partisanship.


We will restore confidence in the ATU by setting a POSITIVE example, day in and day out. I pledge to work with the President, active employees, and RETIREES to foster and promote UNIONISM to protect and further the rights of all workers. When done correctly, starting at the top and working its way down, morale will improve, and SOLIDARITY will prevail!

As Vice President, I will work for you. Please view my website to learn more about my career and past accomplishments. You will see a pattern of leadership that demonstrates I can and will successfully fight for you.  

I ask you to use your vote to elect me to Vice President so together we can reform, rebuild, and restore ATU 757.

Solidarity WINS!

Ryan Viken

Ryan for VP