Ryan Viken A Life Long Supporter of ATU757

Ryan age 8 months at an ATU757 event
Ryan for VP

Welcome Brothers, Sisters and Retirees, and thank you for visiting our campaign website.  At a very young age (8 months), I was introduced to ATU 757 by my grandfather, Harlan Lee, a former Bus Operator, and grandmother, Helen Lee in 1967, during the Rose City Transit Company picnic that was held at Oaks Park.   My grandfather, Harlan joined TriMet (formerly Rose City Transit) in 1943 and later retired in the early 70’s. As a youngster, I can remember how proud he was to be a member of Amalgamated Transit Union 757.  Growing up in a UNION family did not end after my grandfather’s passing.  My father, David M. Viken was also a proud, life-long Union member.  He spent nearly 15 years at United Parcel Service as member of the Teamsters, Local 162 in Portland and approximately 20+ years as a member of the Air Line Pilots Association, International or ALPA, the largest pilot UNION in the world, where he was a pilot for Pan American World Airways and Delta Air lines.

As a member of ATU 757 for the past 8+ years, I have seen many changes. While some changes do appear to benefit certain individuals, groups or factions within our UNION, few changes benefitted our UNION, as a whole.  In 2016, I became the first Mini-Run Operator ever elected to serve on the Executive Board.  It was during that time, I quickly came to realize the current ATU leadership was not interested, in representing ATU members, but rather, they were interested in self-promotion.  It is my belief that the ATU is at a major turning point at our local.  It is no secret. When members are not getting a response (calls/emails) from its elected officials, grievances not being heard, and Arbitrations not being aggressively pursued on behalf of the membership; there is a serious problem that affect all members, directly or indirectly.  

In addition to being a former Executive Board Officer at TriMet, I have extensive experience in both the public and private sector; as a leader in the community, a business executive, and former business owner. I have 14+ years experience in International Steel Business and Technology; both in which I negotiated 100’s of contracts, where a Win-Win approach was utilized to achieve positive results for each party. 

The ATU is in need of serious change and need serious leaders that want to lead and bring us together; as opposed to further division.  ATU must be reformed, rebuilt and restored for a stronger UNION and even Brighter Future!   To learn more about my career and accomplishments, please navigate the website.  Here, you will find a clear pattern of performance, from the time I graduated Oregon State University to present day. 

I am asking for your VOTE for Vice President of ATU 757.

Solidarity WINS,

Ryan Viken